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GM settles last two ignition-switch bellwether lawsuits

by Justin King

The six test cases will likely help negotiate settlements in some of the more than 200 pending cases.

General Motors has reportedly decided to settle the remaining two ignition-switch lawsuits, completing a handful of 'bellwether' test cases.

"We have an agreement to settle the last two federal bellwether cases," GM spokesman James Cain told .

One lawsuit was filed by a Virginia resident inured in a single-vehicle crash involving a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt. The other case involved a Kentucky resident who allegedly crashed when attempted to maneuver around a deer in a Saturn Ion.

The automaker tried and won the first three cases, starting with a lawsuit that was dropped after the plaintiffs were . Juries in the second and third cases determined that there was insufficient evidence to for several serious accidents.

An attorney representing the plaintiffs, Bob Hilliard, suggests the settlements demonstrate GM's interest in resolving the hundreds of pending cases.

"My expectation is they will try to resolve those that they believe put the company at peril and try the ones they think they can win," he said.

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