GM promises 7,000 more US jobs in coming years

The company has confirmed an additional $1B in US factory investments, with plans to in-source axle production from a supplier in Mexico.

General Motors has confirmed an additional $1 billion in US factory investments, part of a broader plan that promises to expand its domestic workforce by 7,000 employees.

The company suggests 1,500 "new and retained" jobs are associated with the investment. Earlier reports suggest 1,000 new jobs will be created, but the figure has not been explicitly confirmed in the official announcement.

"As the US manufacturing base increases its competitiveness, we are able to further increase our investment, resulting in more jobs for America and better results for our owners," says GM chief Mary Barra.

One of the specific plans involves insourcing axle production for next-generation full-size pickups. Currently sourced from a supplier in Mexico, the axles will be produced in-house in Michigan after hiring an additional 450 workers.

Details of other individual projects will be announced later in the year.

The announcement includes no mention of Donald Trump, but the President-elect appears to have inspired a flurry of such activity as automakers attempt to publicly distance themselves from planned production expansion in Mexico.

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