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Ford to show next-gen Fusion Hybrid autonomous prototype at CES

by Justin King

The revamped development car is more streamlined, with fewer LiDAR sensors and a more powerful computer.

Ford has previewed its next-generation Fusion Hybrid autonomous development prototype, scheduled to make its public debut at CES.

The updated vehicle boasts new computer hardware to increase processing power, while sensors have been revised and placed in new positions. New LiDAR sensors are said to be sleeker than the previous modules, with an improved field of vision that enables two sensors to gather as much data as four modules in the first-generation development platform.

The revamped prototype arrives three years after Ford first launched its test program with a fleet of modified Fusion sedans. Electrical controls are now closer to production form, suggesting the project is beginning to bridge the gap between expensive testbed and a showroom model.

Ford earlier this year announced plans to bring a fully autonomous vehicle to market by 2021, but it will first be limited to ride-hailing services.

After the new autonomous Fusion is introduced in Las Vegas it will head to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Ford plans to build around 90 vehicles, tripling the current fleet size.

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