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Ford working on two small pick-ups, including Ranger replacement

by Paul Rachwal

The long-in-the-tooth Ford Ranger, which is unchanged since 1998 save for detail facelifts, is due to get a replacement. The other truck, as per , is likely to be named the F-100 and be based on a shorter version of the perennial best-seller F-150's platform.

Codenamed P525, the F-100 badge is a blast from the past, as it adorned the curvy-fendered Ford trucks from the 1950s. According to Motor Trend, Ford will produce both trucks and no longer have them compete against each other for the green light. Both are expected to hit the streets in 2010 or 2011, just in time to help the automaker meet the recently introduced , and neither will offer a V8 engine. The EcoBoost V6 will also be added to the F-150 options sheet for the same reason. The F-100 will be powered either by a four-cylinder or the EcoBoost V6 with direct injection and turbocharging.

The new Ranger is being developed in Australia under the T6 moniker, and was not meant for U.S. consumption, but Ford changed its mind, no doubt due to rising gas prices. The T6 will be built in Thailand, although it cannot be imported into the U.S. from there. Instead, Ford may import the truck from South Africa, where right hand drive versions will also be built, or Mexico.

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