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Ford working on new compact pickup to slot below Ranger?

by Justin King

The truck is expected to replace the Fiesta-based Courier that was made in Brazil until 2013.

Ford is reportedly working on a new compact pickup that will slot below the revived Ranger in the US market.

Some Ranger fans may be surprised to see the nameplate return to the US as a midsize pickup, smaller than the F-150 yet much larger than the Ranger that was discontinued from the US market for the 2011 model year.

Ford has decided to fill the vacant role by developing a new small pickup that will be sold in the US, unnamed sources have told .

The new model is expected to serve as a replacement for the Fiesta-based Courier, produced in Brazil and sold in global markets through 2013. Ford is said to be eyeing a slightly larger footprint, however, switching from the Fiesta to the Focus platform.

If the latest report is accurate, US showrooms could be stocked with the new compact pickup as early as 2022.

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