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Ford sales slide on F-150 supply constraints

by Justin King

Ford\'s February sales were down as the company retools a second plant to build the aluminum-clad pickup.

Ford has taken a sales hit in February, though the trouble appears to be with supply rather than demand.

The company's numbers were down by nearly two percent for February, with F-Series trucks sliding by one percent. The decline is more significant when compared to the overall industry growth during the same period.

The significant retooling efforts for Ford's best-selling model, now clad in aluminum, have been blamed for the slump. The company is expected to fall behind by approximately 90,000 trucks between mid-2014 and when the retooling operations are finished, according to the .

The new is already rolling off the assembly line at the Blue Oval's Dearborn Truck Plant, however the Kansas City plant only recently finished retooling and is just beginning to build pre-production units for validation and employee training.

Ford expects its new F-150 to be a big hit, requiring approximately across four different facilities in Missouri and Michigan.

"Early customer demand is really exceptional," said Ford marketing executive Mark LaNeve, noting that new models are only sitting on dealer lots for an average of 18 days.

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