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Ford ditches plan to sell China-made Focus crossover in US

The company blames the decision on the Trump administration's tariffs imposed on Chinese imports.

Ford has backpedaled on its plan to sell the Focus Active crossover in the US market.

The high-riding Focus will be built in China and consequently affected by the Trump administration's increased tariffs on vehicles imported from China.

"Given the negative financial impact of the new tariffs, we've decided not to import this vehicle from China," said Ford's president of North America, Kumar Galhotra, as quoted by The Detroit News. "The significant thing that moved was the tariffs going up substantially higher. We're choosing to deploy resources elsewhere."

Ford has vowed to slash its car lineup as it focuses on more profitable trucks and SUVs. The Active was among several vehicles designed for China and Europe, with the US market a potentially convenient afterthought.

The Blue Oval has already began retooling the former Focus factory in Wayne, Michigan, to build the upcoming Ranger and revived Bronco.

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