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Fisker shows first pictures of EMotion EV, confirms $130K price

by Justin King

The stylish car promises to cruise for more than 400 miles on a single charge.

Fisker Inc has released more teaser images for the , showing the stylish EV in the flesh for the first time.

The first real photos of a prototype vehicle reveal a few changes from previous renders. Designer Henrik Fisker appears to have toned down the front end a bit, eliminating the previous concept's faux air intake ducts on the hood and bumper.

The EMotion appears to maintain a few design elements that evolve from the Karma, which has been reborn separately under new ownership via China's Wanxiang. Fisker's new EV adopts a wedge-shape profile, helping provide a clear distinction from the Karma.

Fisker Inc told the EMotion will start at $129,900, suggesting the company is aiming to position the car just above Tesla's flagship Model S P100D sedan. Expected driving range is also higher at 400 miles, while top speed is said to reach 161 mph.

If the EMotion makes it to production as promised, it will be built from carbon fiber and aluminum to minimize weight. LiDAR sensors and mirror cameras suggest it will offer some level of advanced autonomy or fully self-driving capabilities.

Fisker will begin taking pre-orders on June 30 with production not likely to begin until 2019 or later.

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