Fiat introduces FCC4 concept in Sao Paulo

The FCC4 blends four-door coupe and truck styling cues.

Fiat has trekked out to the São Paulo Motor Show that is currently taking place in Brazil to introduce a wild concept car called FCC4.

The FCC4 stretches 196 inches long, 76 inches wide and 62 inches tall. Visually, it blends four-door coupe and truck styling cues to create an eye-catching silhouette that is unlike anything else on the market today.

The FCC4 wears a polarizing design. It features a tall, muscular-looking front fascia accented by slender LED headlights and fog lights, five small air dams and a chiseled hood. The striking design continues out back with a floating roof panel mounted over a rakish window, thin tail lamps and twin hexagonal exhaust pipes.

The interior seemingly features a bird's nest-like motif but pictures of the cockpit were not published.

Similarly, Fiat has not revealed what the FCC4 is powered by. The generous amount of ground clearance hints the concept is four-wheel drive while the Bridgestone Potenza tires mounted on multi-spoke alloy wheel suggest the truck is powered by a high-performance engine.

While Fiat has not revealed what the future holds for the FCC4 concept, we'd be surprised to see it get past the prototype stage. However, the front end design might influence the Mitsubishi-based pickup truck that Fiat is scheduled to introduce in a couple of years.

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