Limited edition, lightweight LaFerrari in the works

Ferrari is expected to build only 10 examples of the 2,200-pound, $7.5-million LaFerrari variant.

Ferrari launched its latest supercar, the V12 hybrid-powered 950 horsepower LaFerrari, back in March in Geneva. Only 499 of the LaFerrari will be built - in its current state, at least.

A lighter weight, more raw version of the LaFerrari is reportedly in development. Flavio Manzoni, chief designer of the LaFerrari, told Autocar that the Italian brand wants to drop the curb weight from 2,766-pounds down near 2,200-pounds.

With an estimated to price tag anywhere between $4.5-million to $7.5-million projected production run of only 10, the stripped down LaFerrari variant would be quite rare and quite expensive.

Buyers won't simply get a LaFerrari with some bits pulled off it for their lofty lump sum. It will have an altered exterior to distinguish it from the standard LaFerrari.

"When we were producing the original design proposals for LaFerrari,” Manzoni said, "there was one proposal that I thought was especially beautiful. So we decided to keep that one back for something truly special in the future.”

Ferrari has already sold all of the 499 LaFerraris. So if you missed your chance to own a piece of Italian supercar history, you'll have at least 10 more chances coming up.

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