Ferrari to go mostly hybrid by 2022

The late CEO Sergio Marchionne promised a 'fundamental shift' in Ferrari's platform architecture entering the next decade.

Ferrari has shed more light on its planned shift toward hybrid powertrains across its lineup.

CEO Louis Camilleri says nearly 60 percent of the company's models will be built around hybrid powertrains by 2022.

The executive promoted the pivot as a way to meet regulatory requirements "but also to satisfy customer desires for significantly improved emissions while retaining the driving emotions that render Ferraris simply unique.

The Prancing Horse marque has already dabbled in hybridization with the LaFerrari and FXX K.

The late CEO Sergio Marchione in 2016 announced the plan to embrace hybrid technology, calling for a "fundamental shift" in the company's platform architecture. All development projects, including flagships and core volume models, will include hybrids starting next year.

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