Ferrari unveils HY-KERS hybrid concept in Geneva [Live image update]

Following plenty of rumors and even an image leak, Ferrari has unveiled its HY-KERS experimental vehicle at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Based on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, the hybrid concept hints at a greener future of the Italian automaker.

Designed to help Ferrari comply with future CO2 regulations, the HY-KERS concept boosts the 599's overall fuel economy, but particularly helps the supercar in city driving. Thanks to the F1-derived gas-electric system, the HY-KERS hybrid boast 35 percent fewer emissions than is gas-only counterpart.

At the heart of the HY-KERS is an electric motor weighing in at 88 pounds. Attached to the rear of the 599's seven-speed F1 transmission, power from the electric motor is applied seamlessly via either of the gearbox's two clutches. The electric motor is good for another 100 horsepower over the V12's standard output.

Electric power is stored in a lithium-ion battery pack, mounted low in the 599's chassis to keep the car's center of gravity low. A regenerative brake system recharges the on board batteries, with an engine-mounted generator taking care of ancillary duties, such as power steering, power-assisted brakes and air conditioning.

Ferrari failed to release any performance specs for the HY-KERS, but says the car "maintains the high-performance characteristics typical of all Ferraris", thanks in large part to a 1 horsepower gain for every kilogram added to the vehicle's weight.

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