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Faulty shifter cable forces Ford to recall 550,000 vehicles

The condition can potentially lead to a rollaway accident.

Ford has announced a recall covering nearly 550,000 vehicles sold in North America. The recall covers two of the automaker's most popular models — the Fusion mid-size sedan and Escape small SUV.

According to Ford, the recall was issued after the company discovered that the bushing that connects the shifter cable to the transmission can degrade over time and ultimately fail. If the bushing detaches, it can allow the vehicle's gear lever to be moved to "Park” while actually being in another gear. Moreover, because the car still thinks it's in Park, there is no warning light or audible chime to alert the driver to the hazard.

Ford warns that the condition can lead to unintended vehicle movement, which can lead to injury or a crash. However, Ford says it has not received any reports of injuries or crashes related to the defect.

The recall covers 2013-2016 Ford Fusion modes and Ford Escapes from the 2013-2014 model year. Ford dealers will remedy the problem free of charge by installing a new cable bushing. Until the recall is performed, Ford is urging owners of vehicles involved in the safety campaign to use their parking brake.

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