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Exploding tire destroys Porsche Cayenne stuck in mud [Video]

by Mark Kleis

There are "fail" moments, and there are "epic fail" moments. Without any doubt, this video falls into the second category thanks to a heavy right-footed driver.

It's no secret that off-roading poses challenges to those new to pavement-free travel, but every now and again someone comes along that impressively displays their inability to master the mud in such a way that almost boggles the mind.

In this instance, a Russian managed to get his rather pricey V8-powered Porsche Cayenne stuck alongside a lake, and after getting a bit of help from a Frankenstein truck, managed to get stuck yet again. It was the second time that things got a bit dicey.

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It didn't take but a few seconds for the driver to manage to dig down and lose traction, but that didn't stop him from giving it the beans in hopes of something miraculously giving him traction to propel him forward. Not surprisingly, things didn't go according to plan, and the Cayenne literally exploded inside and out as a result.

After super heating the tire until the point of catastrophic failure, this Cayenne owner managed to set off the full set of airbags, destroy the rear door and quarter panel, and even rip off a trim piece from the rear hatch due to the extreme violence of the explosion. Something tells us that next time he will take a slightly more calculated approach than "give it the beans!"

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