Electric Vehicles

Will the I.D. Buzz concept redeem VW in the eyes of EV enthusiasts?

The VW ID Buzz concept has the potential to immediately erase the bad blood between EV enthusiasts and their primary role in the Diesel gate scandal. The question is will they get it right. Depending on how the production model varies from the concept, it could be the first electric van with decades of sentiment behind it. For what it’s worth, I have brought it to the attention of some of my baby boomer friends and their immediate reaction was “I WANT IT!”
Nissan Leaf Charging

Is the existing charging infrastructure enough to support widespread EV adoption?

Most would say no, not by a longshot. Tesla owners are probably ok, especially Model S & Model X owners since they get 1000 miles work of free supercharger access. It is everyone else that may find it hard to find an open EVSE once the public starts buying EVs in mass.
Red Tesla Model S

Why Tesla Model S is king of the EVs when it comes to Road Tripping

Some people may ask: Why is the Tesla Model S better than any other EV out there on the market today? The answer lies in a number of factors, but the biggest one is the fact that you can drive long distances without having to worry about needing multiple accounts or access cards. The Tesla Supercharger network is all you need!
GM vs Tesla

Even with cars like Model 3 and Bolt EV there is still a long road to travel

What happens if you survey 10 people on the street about electric cars. How many of them will know about Tesla Model 3 or Bolt EV? How GM and Tesla use the Bolt, Volt EV and Model S, Model 3 to l lure new buyers to their brands for more expensive vehicles with bigger profit margins.