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Dashcam video shows Model 3 Autopilot evading accident

by Byron Hurd

A Model 3 owner shared a dashcam video of Autopilot navigating a close call on the highway.

Tesla Model 3 owner and YouTube personality Tesla Canuck shared dashcam footage of Autopilot avoiding an aggressive driver speeding down a Canadian highway.

The brief dashcam clip shows Tesla Canuck cruising in the right lane at what he claims was just over 100 km/h and being overtaken by a Chevrolet spark when a driver in a Toyota Yaris cuts between them, forcing the Model 3 out of the travel lane and into the merge lane on the right shoulder.

Tesla Canuck says Autopilot "probably saved [his] life" by executing the emergency maneuver without his intervention. Being sideswiped by the tiny Yaris at highway speeds likely would not have resulted in a life-threatening accident, but it certainly appears that Autopilot saved Tesla Canuck from a serious headache.

Crash Animation Studios , providing some additional perspective.

YouTube Canuck's video (timestamped to begin with the dashcam footage) is below.

Image: Tesla Canuck/YouTube

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