Toyota Agrees to $3 Billion Tacoma Settlement

Toyota Agrees to $3 Billion Tacoma Frame Rot Settlement

Toyota has agreed to settle with owners of the Tacoma, Tundra, and Sequoia. Guess what owners will get?

News this week of a Toyota settlement with owners of Tacomas, Tundras, and Sequoias with frame corrosion issues, will be good news to anyone nervous about the issue that has not yet been helped by Toyota. However, in an unusual type of legal settlement, Toyota has agreed to do exactly what it had already been doing prior to the litigation. Replace the frames of affected vehicles at no cost to owners.
- Details and owner reports on the Tacoma Frame Issue Here

The problem has been most widespread on the Tacoma. This settlement will mean that owners of 2005-2010 model year Tacomas who discover the frame rot will have their vehicle’s frame replaced at no charge – something Toyota has already been doing for years. Also, if the frame had been replaced, and the owner paid out of pocket for some reason, Toyota will reimburse owners that cost. The settlement includes up to 12 years of inspections and coverage for affected vehicles. In addition to the Tacoma’s, 2005-2008 Sequoias and 2007 and 2008 Tundras are included in the settlement.

reports that Toyota issued a statement saying “"We want our customers to have a great ownership experience, so we are pleased to resolve this litigation in a way that benefits them and demonstrates that we stand behind the quality and reliability of our vehicles.”

Toyota will also pay legal fees and $2,500 to each of the eight named class action suit representatives that brought the case.

Image by John Goreham. Use with permission only.

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