Mazda recalls 600K lift-back models.

Huge Mazda Recall on CX-3, Mazda3, Mazda5, and CX-5

Mazda recalls almost all of it, lift-back models.

Mazda has announced a huge recall on all of its models with a lift-back or hatchback design. For relatively small Mazda this half-million vehicle recall is quite large in scope. The failing part is the rear hatch/lift gate gas stay dampers (lift supports) that hold up the rear cargo door when it is opened. The reason, like so many recent recalls, is simply corrosion.

Mazda says that in areas where salt is used to de-ice the roads (most of America), the salty water can get into the lift supports and cause corrosion that may lead to failure. That means that while you are loading groceries, the heavy tailgate could come crashing down on you. That could result in broken eggs and smooshed bread, not mention what could happen to you personally.

Mazda lists the affected vehicles as:
2010-2013 Model Year Mazda3
2012-2015 Model Year Mazda5
2013-2016 Model Year CX-5
2016 Model Year CX-3

In total, Mazda says 575,381 of its vehicles are included. As of this writing no eggs have broken, the bread is still in good shape, and no injuries have yet been reported. You can wait for snail mail to maybe bring you a recall notice, or you can >click on this convenient link we have right here to see if your Mazda is affected by this most recent recall.

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