Tacoma owners report long wait times for rear differential repairs.
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Toyota Struggles To Manage Tacoma Rear Differential Recall

Tacoma owners are reporting that dealers are keeping their trucks for extended times.

Tacoma owners are reporting that dealers are keeping their trucks for extended times while trying to cover a recall. Some owners are posting to social media that there is a six month wait time to get trucks back from dealers who have kept them due to safety concerns over differentials damaged by the leaks. We cannot validate those claims, but many owners are reporting similar stories. Some dealers have requested checks of the leaking differentials every two weeks. Toyota is having trouble manufacturing the parts needed for the important recall.

Tacoma Differential Recall
The rear differential recall we recently detailed covers 2016 and newer Tacomas. Some rear differentials had improperly tightened (torqued) nuts, which can cause leaks. The recall involves and inspection of the rear Diff. to see if the truck has the problem. Many don't and owners are sent home the same day with no fuss. Other owners have reported that the differential nuts were retorqued. Some have reported that parts were changed and the wait was minimal.

Long Waits For Tacoma Repairs
Those owners who have reported long wait times also report that they are being offered replacement Toyota vehicles while their truck is in the dealer's quarantine area waiting for parts. Most report a Corolla being the first offer, but some owners have asked for an SUV instead and report being given one to drive while they wait. That would most likely depend on a dealership's loaner vehicle availability. One owner tweeted recently, "When is the Tacoma differential recall part coming in? I really hate the loaner Camry I'm stuck with and am miserable driving it :-(" We have deleted the expletives.

Toyota's History Of Long Delays With Recalls
Tacoma owners are no strangers to long waits for parts. During the Tacoma's multi-year and multi-generation frame rot recall (technically a service program), Tacoma owners waited weeks or months for replacement frames to become available.

The video below shows what happens when a Tacoma does not pass the inspection for the differential recall.

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