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Spied: Mid-engine Corvette drops fake bodywork [Updated]

by Byron Hurd

A brand-new mid-engine Corvette mule was spotted in Germany today without much of its previous camo.

As America awoke to its final summer holiday, spies in Germany were striking gold. Behold, GM's super-secret mid-engine Corvette project, wearing significantly less of a disguise than any seen previously. It's a Labor Day miracle!

We've seen our fair share of mid-engine mules running around GM's proving grounds, but this is the first time we've seen anything resembling production-like bodywork.

This is certainly the best look we've gotten at the future supercar's distinctly mid-engine proportions. With the cobbled-together side body extensions gone and what appears to be some properly integrated front and rear aero, this car looks much less like a hackjob repair of an old Daytona prototype.

Perhaps not surprisingly, it looks very little like what we've come to know as the modern Corvette. Only in the rear do we see the telltale lighting arrangement, along with an engine cover that does a very good imitation of the current Corvette's rear glass.

GM has kept very mum on its mid-engine project, and we expect that to remain the case until the time comes for a formal unveiling. The biggest potential leak thus far has been a rendering of late last year, but little has trickled out since.

Photos: Chris Doane Automotive

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