Chevy pulls Mexico-made Blazer from Detroit's Comerica Park

The display was causing a stir with Detroit residents.

General Motors has pulled a Chevrolet Blazer from a display at Comerica Park following a mini controversy over the Mexico-built SUV's presence at the Detroit Tiger's home ballpark.

The Blazer in question was on display next to a Chevrolet Silverado at a GM installation at Comerica Park. But after receiving blowback about the display -- including a poll from a local news station asking viewers if the Mexico-built Blazer should be on display at the Detroit Tiger's home field -- GM removed the Blazer and replaced it with a Michigan-made Chevy Traverse.

"We want people to enjoy baseball without distractions, so we have replaced the Chevrolet Blazer with a Chevrolet Traverse at the Comerica Park fountain,” GM spokesman Jim Cain told The Detroit News.

Despite the removal, Cain defended the initial decision to put the Blazer on display.

"American workers contribute significantly to the success of the Chevrolet Blazer," he said. "The Blazer will pump more than half a billion dollars into the U.S. manufacturing economy each year, helping support thousands of good-paying U.S. jobs.”

The United Auto Workers union spoke out against the decision to produce the Blazer in Mexico when the project was first announced, saying it was "disappointing to UAW families and communities across the country."

Photos by Drew Johnson.

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