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GM CEO confirms flagship for Cadillac

by Drew Johnson

Cadillac is taking square aim at Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

General Motors' Chief Executive Officer has confirmed plans for a new flagship Cadillac model that will sit atop the XTS in the automaker's lineup.

In a recent interview with , GM CEO Dan Akerson confirmed plans for a new range-topping Cadillac sedan. Rumors of a Cadillac-badged Mercedes S-Class rival have been circling the internet rumor mill for years.

According to Akerson, the upcoming Cadillac flagship will ride on a rear-wheel drive platform derived from the automaker's CTS sedan. Previous reports had suggested that the luxury sedan would be based on the rear-wheel drive architecture that underpins Holden's Commodore and Chevrolet's upcoming SS sedan.

Although the new four-door will be similar in size to the , the two sedans will co-exist within the Cadillac lineup. It should be rather easy for Cadillac to differentiate the two models as the XTS is front-wheel drive whereas the flagship will be rear-wheel drive. Price will also be another major factor - the Cadillac flagship is surely to carry a hefty premium over the XTS' $45,000 starting MSRP.

On the styling front, Akerson said Caddy's S-Class rival will borrow some styling cues from the brand's recent concept cars, such as the Ciel, but will largely rely on the 2014 for most of its design language.

Look for Cadillac's flagship sedan to launch within the next two years.

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