Cadillac President promises V8 will not go away

Cadillac boss Johan De Nysschen recently revealed in a since-deleted Facebook post that GM's luxury brand is working on a "mega powerful V8."

The revelation began when Sam Abuelsamid of Navigant Research called the Era of the Cadillac V8 "over," citing the CT6's 3.0L turbo V6, as well as turbo four-cylinders and hybrid options on upcoming mainstream Cadillac sedans as evidence. The V8 would be relegated to specialty cars such as the Escalade and V-Series, but no longer serve as the standard engine for GM's flagship sedans.

De Nysschen fired back on Facebook, saying:

Sam Abuelsamid, you are way wrong, I'm sorry to say. There absolutely will be another state-of-the-art mega powerful highly efficient new 8-cylinder from Cadillac, besides the CTS-V engine. Purpose designed for Cadillac. Now, if you consider "mainstream" to represent the average powertrain used, well, no, the realities of the market today excludes that. Besides the exotics, I don't know that any luxury manufacturer today could claim they sell most of their volume in V8. But the V8 Cadillac is alive and well today, and will be in even better shape tomorrow.

De Nysschen declined to reveal whether turbocharging would be part of the picture and the post was soon removed from Facebook, but for now the President appears to be committed to the centuries-old tradition of a Cadillac V8. Images by Brian Williams

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