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Cadillac's Elmiraj-inspired LTS sedan set for NY debut?

by Justin King

Source claims flagship sedan will be a \"true contender\" against S-Class, A8, 7-Series.

Cadillac's new flagship sedan, currently rumored to be named the , is allegedly receiving final touches ahead of an unveiling at the New York auto show.

Spy images that surfaced early in the year appeared to show progress on the four-door model. It is said to be heavily inspired by the company's Elmiraj concept and based on the rear-wheel-drive Omega platform, likely with all-wheel-drive as an option.

As an apparent competitor to the , and , the LTS is reportedly viewed within Cadillac as a proper rival to the large German sedans, an unnamed insider told .

The source dismisses the current XTS as falling short of being a "real" Cadillac, though he admits that the LTS faces tough competition against the redesigned S-Class.

A two-door coupe is believed to be under consideration as a follow-up to the four-door edition. Reports have not yet detailed engine options or other potential packages, such as a V-performance variant.

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