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Businessmen thrash Ferarri, Maseratis on China's 'most dangerous' road

by Justin King

The convoy was led by Ni Haishan, who famously gave Maserati Ghibilis to his top salesmen.

Wealthy Chinese businessman Ni Haishan has reportedly encountered a bit of trouble on a perilous automotive adventure on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway.

Known as China's 'most dangerous' road, the highway includes many unpaved sections, narrow switchbacks, river crossings, extreme grades, high altitude and other challenges.

The more difficult segments are typically driven by high-riding, four-wheel-drive utility vehicles, however Ni Haishan appears to have felt that it would make for a more rewarding journey in his Ferrari F12, according to a report. He is said to have invited 10 of his top salesman, each following in a Maserati Ghibli that had been received as a bonus from the company earlier this year.

Unsurprisingly, pictures posted on show the tribulations of such an ambitious journey. At least five of the Ghibli sedans are said to have required a tow to local garages to fix damage to the tires and chassis. The Ferrari also appears to have been damaged. One picture shows a carbon-ceramic brake seemingly intact, but the wheel bolts apparently sheared from the hub.

"What's the problem with showing off your wealth when you're rich?" he told a Chengdu newspaper, as translated by the Mirror. "If I didn't do so, people would think our business is doing poorly."

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