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Bugatti Veyron faces recalls for three defects

by Justin King

The fuel gauge shows around eight gallons left when the tank is actually empty.

Bugatti has issued several recall campaigns for the , resolving separate issues involving battery terminals, inaccurate fuel readings and jacking plates.

Signs of trouble with the fuel gauge system surfaced seven years ago when a car ran out of fuel on its final test drive following production, despite the fuel gauge showing around eight gallons left. Bugatti opted to internally resolve the issue in 2010, rather than recalling affected vehicles. The recall timeline suggests owners also ran out of fuel in the field, and the situation is now being handled as a safety defect.

The Veyron's massive 8.0-liter is no fuel sipper, devouring a gallon of gasoline every seven miles in the city. Driving at top speed will empty the entire tank in less than 15 minutes.

"The inaccurate gauge may cause a driver to unexpectedly run out of fuel and the vehicle to stall, increasing the risk of a crash," the documents warn.

The company will also replace the alternator and battery positive cable, which is prone to corrode and potentially catch fire. This issue was also spotted years ago, first emerging in 2006.

The third campaign is related to aluminum jacking plates that can separate from the aluminum monocoque chassis and pose a safety concern for other motorists on the road.

"If these jacking plates separate from the vehicle while driving, they may be a road hazard, potentially striking another vehicle, and increasing the risk of a crash," the documents note.

Automakers are required to notify the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of potential defects in a timely manner. It is unclear if Bugatti will face scrutiny for its decisions to wait so long -- a decade in one case -- before launching recall campaigns.

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