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Bugatti could revive Atlantic as 2+2 coupe

by Ben Hsu

The supercar could be electric and share a platform with an upcoming Lamborghini.

Bugatti could be moving downmarket with a more "affordable" offering, and reviving the hallowed Atlantic nameplate in the process.

As reported by , the VW Group that owns Bugatti (and Lamborghini, Audi, and Porsche), has given the brand directive to create a cheaper sports car, one that can share engineering with other brands.

The car, still in development, is currently called the Atlantic, after the coachbuilt coupe built in 1936. That car was built on Bugatti's Type 57 chassis with a distinctive body made of magnesium or aluminum alloy body panels riveted together along a seam running along the dorsal side of the car.

Though the original was a two-seater, Automobile reports that the revived Atlantic could be a 2+2 coupe, sharing platforms with the upcoming Lamborghini Nuova E-spada, which is itself being developed on Porsche Panamera plug-in hybrid underpinnings. It hints that the Atlantic could be electric.

The article also surmises that the Bugatti would have "even more extreme components" than its Lamborghini counterpart, since money is less of an object to Bugatti customers.

Only four of the original Atlantics were built, each one hand crafted. Presumably there were be a few more of the new ones.

Photo by Ben Hsu.

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