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Bugatti teases Pebble Beach-bound Divo

by Ronan Glon

Bugatti\'s ode to corner carving takes shape.

Bugatti will introduce a new model during the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Called Divo, it was announced as an ode to the art of corner carving. The French company published a teaser video on its official Facebook account to preview the car.

As is often the case, the video does a good job of hiding the Divo's overall design. It merely shows a pair of taillights with intricate 3D inserts. They're bigger than the Chiron's and they don't appear to be connected by a light bar. This suggests -- but doesn't confirm -- that the Divo is a standalone model with its own body, not merely a Chiron with a suspension kit.

We expect the Divo will receive the Chiron's W16 engine, a unit famously rated at 1,500 horsepower. Bugatti stresses its team of engineers focused on shedding weight and adding downforce. Earlier reports point to a new gearbox designed with racing in mind, and some sources have gone as far as speculating the Divo will beat the Chiron's 2.5-second sprint from zero to 60 mph.

Bugatti will cap Divo production at 40 units. Pricing for each one starts at five million euros, a sum that converts to about $5.8 million. We wouldn't be surprised if every example has been spoken for when the car makes its debut on August 24th. Limited-edition variants of high-end cars sell out quickly and Bugatti has already shown the car to prospective buyers.

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