Next-gen BMW 5 Series to get two EV variants?

The company recently showed off a 720-horsepower all-electric 5 Series prototype.

BMW is reportedly planning to put its all-electric 5 Series into production for the sedan's next generation.

The company recently revealed a 5 Series-based "Power BEV" prototype (pictured) with 720 horsepower and a sub-three-second zero-to-62 mph speed. A set of three electric motors -- borrowed from the production iX3 crossover -- provides electric all-wheel drive.

The company presented the Power BEV as a mere prototype, implying that it is being used to test battery and motor technology. A BMWBlog report now claims the company does have plans for such a production car, however, with at least two fully-electric powertrains in the 5 Series lineup, including rear-wheel and all-wheel drive.

With poor sales of the purpose-built i3, BMW appears to be focusing on building all-electric versions of its internal-combustion offerings to achieve its goal of at least a dozen all-electric cars by 2023.

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