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BMW considering M3 Touring

by Drew Johnson

Americans shouldn't get too excited at the prospect of an M3 wagon.

BMW recently unveiled its at the Paris Motor Show and, as with almost every 3 Series that came before it, the automaker is planning to release a wagon variant of the new model in short order. However, a new report suggests BMW has something rather more special planned for this generation of the 3 Series Touring.

According to , BMW is seriously considering extending the M3 treatment to the wagon version of the new G21 generation 3 Series. BMW has never officially produced an M3 Touring before.

The M3 wagon isn't a sure thing just yet, but BMW brass are said to be keen on producing a car to rival the likes of the Audi RS4 Avant and Mercedes-AMG C63 wagon. The idea of an M3 wagon is also gaining traction since it would require minimal development costs.

Not much is known about the at this point, but it will likely use a turbocharged straight-six engine with about 500 horsepower. We've also heard rumblings that BMW may even offer the new M3 with a manual transmission.

However, the news of an M3 Touring isn't all good. BMW doesn't even sell the normal 3 Series wagon in the United States, so it's highly unlikely that the wagon variant will every reach these shores.

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