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11 factory fresh E34 BMWs found in warehouse in Bulgaria

by Drew Johnson

And you'll even have the chance to own one.

Were you a fan of the E34 generation BMW 5 Series but missed out on the chance to buy one new? Well, good news. Thanks to a recent barn find, you'll soon be able to buy a brand new 1994 BMW. And best of all, there are several to choose from.

A group of 11 unused and never registered 1994 BMW 5 Series models were recently discovered in a warehouse in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. According to local reports, the BMWs were purchased by a car rental firm in the mid-90s, but for whatever reason were never placed in service.

The majority of the squirreled away 5 Series models are of the 150 horsepower 520i variety, but there are a few 192 horsepower 525i models mixed in. Although not as exciting as finding a barn full of E34 M5 models, it is pretty cool to see preserved base models with steel wheels, cloth seats and manual transmissions.

The group of 11 includes 10 sedans and one wagon. Despite all being stored in the same place under cover, the state of preservation varies from car to car. Some appear to still be in like-new condition, while others have worn paint and a few body imperfections. The interiors, however, look to be in pristine condition, with most cars still sporting their factory plastic coverings.

Details haven't been released, but all 11 barn finds are expected to be auctioned off in the coming weeks.

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