13-strong collection of BMWs up for grabs

It's the fastest path to opening a BMW museum -- at a cost.

Listen up if you've ever wanted to open a BMW museum. Cincinnati-based dealership Enthusiast Auto Group is selling a collection of 13 high-performance BMWs made between 1981 and 2013.

The lot includes many of the most emblematic BMWs made over the past four decades. It starts with a 1981 M1, one of the last examples built, and it also includes four different M3s: a 1990 Sport Evolution, a 1995 Lightweight, a 2005 Competition Package, and 2013 Lime Rock Park edition. The buyer would need to source a last-generation example to have one of every M3 made since the nameplate's introduction.

Also included in the sale are a 1991 Z1, a 2001 BMW Z3 M Coupe, a 2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe, and a 2003 BMW Z8 Roadster. An E24-generation M6 and an E28-generation M5 join the M1 in representing the 1980s. The last cars in the lot are a 2002 M5 (E39 generation) and a 2011 1M Coupe, two of BMW's best M cars.

Every car in the collection is in like-new condition. Enthusiast Auto Group is selling the collection for the not-insignificant sum of $2.3 million, or about $177,000 per car -- that's a princely amount even if you value the M1 at half a million dollars. In a bid to sweeten the deal, the dealership notes that figure includes enclosed shipping anywhere in the USA.

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