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BMW has already thought of a Z4 coupe

by Ronan Glon

But the odds of it seeing production are slim.

BMW hasn't fully ruled out building a coupe variant of the . Though the body style isn't in the company's product plan, one of its top executives revealed designers have already sketched out what a hardtop Z4 could look like.

"Adrian [van Hooydonk, BMW's lead designer] has shown me a coupe roof outline and roof lines but we already have two coupes in this price segment," said Klaus Frohlich, the company's head of development, in an interview with Australian website .

Turning the last-generation Z4 into a coupe made little sense because the model came with a power-folding hardtop. Its replacement switched back to a conventional soft top, which leaves space in the range for a coupe, but Frohlich doused cold water on the idea. It's not because of the agreement BMW signed with Toyota, either.

"On the coupe, it is simply a business case and opposite to our Toyota colleagues we have an M4 and we have an M2, so we have already coupes who drive quite well. It would be substitution, which wouldn't make a lot of sense," he explained.

Van Hooydonk's sketches haven't been released to the public so we don't know whether he drew a traditional coupe or a shooting brake-like model. BMW chose the latter body style when it built hardtop variants of the Z3 and the original Z4.

Toyota -- which will introduce the as a coupe at the 2019 Detroit auto show -- hasn't expressed a desire to offer a convertible. The heritage is there if the company changes its mind; the last two generations of the Supra offered a targa roof.

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