BMW brings autonomous 5-Series prototype, concept interior to CES

On certain route segments, drivers can let the car handle steering and speed control.

BMW has brought an autonomous 5-Series prototype to Las Vegas, previewing the next step in the company's production plans for self-driving technology, while a concept interior represents a vision of the future.

Photos show the sedan driving around the city, in some cases allowing the driver to take his hands off the wheel. BMW claims the technology can handle steering and speed control on certain route segments, suggesting it is an advanced form of semi-autonomous technology.

"The sensor and control technology that makes it possible for drivers not only to delegate acceleration and braking to the vehicle but also to take their hands off the steering wheel for long periods at a stretch is based on a further-refined prototype solution based on the driver assistance systems already fitted in today's production vehicles," the company said in a statement.

The 'i Inside Future' sculpture reaches farther ahead into the future of mobility, where BMW claims there will be "no conflict between personalization and sharing." The concept features HoloActive Touch, combining head-up display and gesture control technology.

The company is aiming to build its first fully-autonomous production car by 2021, but its interior is unlikely to be as bold as the Inside Future design.

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