Bentley introduces super-fast in-car Wi-Fi

Owners can surf on-the-go, even at 70 mph.

Bentley is making it easier for chauffeur-driven commuters to work in one of its cars. The company has announced a new in-car Wi-Fi connection that's super-fast and secure.

Called Advanced Connectivity, the connection promises to provide reliable, uninterrupted service even when the car is traveling at 70 mph. It lets passengers use programs like Bentley Skype to hold meetings on-the-go, download large files, access virtual office applications, or simply sit back and stream a movie. Users can enable the connection by opening a purpose-designed smartphone application.

Bentley teamed up with global communications company Viasat to develop Advanced Connectivity. The company explains its technology is essentially a multi-channel virtual private network (VPN) which aggregates up to three mobile network operators on a single signal. The hardware -- including a router -- is neatly integrated into the trunk, out of the passengers' sight.

The option will become available on every member of the Bentley line-up starting in 2019. The British company hasn't revealed how much it will cost to order one of its cars with Advanced Connectivity and whether users will need to pay a monthly subscription. And, there's no word yet on whether it will be possible to retrofit older Bentley models with Advanced Connectivity.

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