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Audi to quit endurance racing after 2013 season?

by Ronan Glon

The announcement comes after Porsche has confirmed that it will launch a factory-backed program in 2014.

Rumors circulating around the European auto industry indicate that Audi will shut down its highly successful endurance racing program after the 2013 season comes to an end.

Sources familiar with the matter Spain's Autoblog that the decision was made shortly after Porsche confirmed that it will start up its own factory-backed endurance racing program in 2014.

If the two were competing head-to-head today it would not be overly problematic but Volkswagen is expected to the 51.1 percent share of Porsche that it does not currently own in the very near future.

To avoid internal competition between Audi and Porsche in the popular LMP1 category, Audi will move on to another form of motorsports or focus its efforts on the DTM touring car series.

Inside sources indicate that the Volkswagen-owned luxury automaker is mulling the creation of a Formula 1 team in order to avoid losing its sporty image but a final decision on the matter has not yet been taken.

If the rumors prove to be true, an official announcement will be made by Audi in the coming months.

Audi's diesel and hybrid race cars captured on the podium of the 80th 24 Hours of Le Mans that took place last June.