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Aston Martin, Red Bull working on several more supercars

by Justin King

The companies are already talking about five different models, including a \"son of Valkyrie.\"

Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing are apparently expecting their collaboration to move forward with several more vehicles past the Valkyrie.

The partners have already confirmed plans to launch a , taking aim at the more mainstream supercar price bracket as a direct rival to the Ferrari 488.

Speaking to , Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner suggests the two confirmed cars are only the first in an expected series of collaborative development projects.

"We have a growing advanced technology department within Red Bull and we're all fully involved with the two cars, the Valkyrie and then the track version," he said. "We'll be heavily involved in 003 and then we'll be looking at fourth-iteration and fifth-iteration cars as well."

An Aston Martin spokesperson cautioned that only the so-called 'son-of-Valkyrie' has received official approval for production.

Horner also mentioned that Red Bull is considering an attempt to break the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo's Nurburgring record, while the Valkyrie is being considered for endurance racing against the Mercedes Project One and rumored entries from Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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