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Acura prices MDX Sport Hybrid, its most powerful SUV ever

by Justin King

With a 27-mpg combined EPA rating, the Sport Hybrid is 45 percent more efficient in the city than the non-hybrid MDX SH-AWD package.

Acura has announced full details of its MDX Sport Hybrid, due to arrive in US showrooms next month.

The company's first-ever hybrid SUV is also its most powerful SUV ever, delivering 321 horsepower and 289 pound-feet of torque. The non-hybrid MDX SH-AWD package steps down to 290 ponies and 267 pound-feet of twist.

Both the hybrid and non-hybrid MDX SH-AWD share a 27-mpg EPA rating for highway cruising, but the electrified model's 26-mpg city rating is 45 percent higher than the standard model.

A 3.0-liter V6 is paired with three electric motors, one built into the seven-speed dual clutch transmission and two more that provide power to the rear wheels. In corners, the rear power unit can simultaneously apply positive torque to the outside wheel and negative (regenerative brake) torque to the inside wheel during cornering.

"As the MDX Sport Hybrid doesn't rely on engine torque, the electrified SUV can create a larger torque difference between the left and right rear wheels, even during small throttle applications, at low engine speeds or when decelerating," the company says. "This substantially magnifies the positive handling benefits of SH-AWD® across a much wider range of driving conditions."

The MDX Sport Hybrid starts at $52,935 (including $975 freight) with Acura's Technology Package, while the Advance Package fetches $58,975.

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