tesla model 3 vs chevy bolt

Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model 3 on Specs Alone

Tesla's first mass-market vehicle, the Model 3, is expected to go head-to-head with the Chevrolet Bolt, which falls in the same price category and mileage range. Despite the fact that the Model 3 and the Chevy Bolt are marketed to very different demographics, their specs tell a different story.

The first wave of Model 3s feature the long-range battery, which adds $9,000 to the base price for 310 miles of range. The standard battery on the base model, which Tesla said will come this fall, will have a 220-mile range.

Along with the long-range battery, there is a list of features that can bump up the touted $35,000 sticker price. Any color other than black costs an additional $1,000, and 19-inch sport wheels come at $1,500.

Autonomous upcharge

Enhanced Autopilot — Tesla's semi-autonomous driving system — will cost $5,000. Full self-driving capability, which requires enhanced Autopilot, is another $3,000.
Do all these upcharges mean the Chevy Bolt, which Consumer Reports proved in their range test, set a record for electric range after going 250 miles on battery power, is a better buy for tech-savvy buyers? Let's take a look at the cars side by side.

Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model 3 Detailed Comparison of Specs

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By the way, new numbers show Tesla Model S barely beats Chevy Bolt in the United States electric vehicle sales for August 2017.

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