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SpaceX launches record 64 satellites on single rocket

by Justin King

The rocket has been successfully launched and landed three times.

SpaceX is celebrating several victories with its latest launch, sending 64 satellites into orbit and successfully reusing a rocket three times.

The 'SmallSat Express' represents the largest number of satellites launched from a single US-based launch vehicle. The small payloads are placed into orbit across multiple deployments over a period of six hours.

The first stage of the rocket was previously launched in May and August of this year. In the latest mission, the rocket landed for its third time on the drone ship Just Read the Instructions in the Pacific Ocean.

The company is still having trouble catching the expensive payload fairings out of the sky with the support ship Mr Steven, despite recently quadrupling the size of its . 

"Falcon fairing halves missed the net, but touched down softly in the water," CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter. "Mr Steven is picking them up. Plan is to dry them out & launch again. Nothing wrong with a little swim."

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