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Lexus to school owners of LFA with driver development program

by Mark Kleis

When you hand someone the keys to a car as expensive, rare and powerful at the LFA supercar, offering an on-track driver training program isn't such a bad idea.

The "sold out" Lexus LFA 552 horsepower supercar is finally being unleashed into the public, but before the new owners get themselves into trouble with the excessive power on tap, Toyota's luxury division is hoping to lend a potentially life-saving helping hand by holding a driver development program in early March.

The program is set to run from March 8th through the 15th, and will include a full day of high performance driving and instruction with professional drivers at the Infineon Raceway, located in Sonoma, California.

"This program offers a unique opportunity to experience the 552 horsepower Lexus LFA supercar in its natural environment," said Mark Templin, group vice president and general manager, Lexus division. "Lapping Infineon and tips from the professional drivers will certainly enhance the overall LFA ownership experience."

Lexus says that despite earlier reports that the LFA was sold out, there are actually a few LFA supercars left unsold, and prospective buyers should dealers as soon as possible. The final LFA deliveries will take place in 2012.

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