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Spied: 2008 Cadillac STS with less disguise

by Nick Aziz

A new prototype for Cadillac's facelifted STS has been spotted by spy photographers, revealing a new chromed fender vent, among other new styling cues. The STS's new blingy feature will join similar applications on the Escalade and the upcoming CTS.

The fender vent was brought into vogue by BMW, and has since become an expected styling cue among nearly all luxury brands. The fact that it has also trickled down to such cars as the and apparently hasn't yet dampened the enthusiasm for its use among the design community.

A camouflaging bra covered the nose of this prototype, but the grille appears to be consistent with other revised STS prototypes photographed earlier. The new grille treatment--inspired by the Cadillac Sixteen, the new CTS and the latest Escalade--results in a cleaner face for Caddy's five-series-fighter.

A recent photo released by GM to members of the press showed the revamped .