After driving 2017 Honda Civic Si, I'm not convinced I need a Type-R

We discovered a superior touring car detailed in Honda performance Civic Si trim. Horsepower and torque while formidable, is but a very small part of what 2017 Civic Si brings to the segment. Simply put,this is the best driving, high performance,Civic offered to date. I'm no longer convinced that I need or want a Type-R.

Arguably, the reinvented American Honda lineup is the most product diverse in the U.S.. With the European car inspired 10th generation Civic lineup blowing the doors off of the competition. Presenting a combination of surprisingly affordable sophistication and style, segment topping fuel efficiency, and 5-Star rated passive and active safety features -- most of them standard throughout the lineup, the “drivers” Civic, Si, comes to market well equipped for under $25,000, all in!

So, what makes 2017 Civic Si a great drive and ride experience?

First off, I must take a moment to congratulate Honda design and engineering. In person, the production 2017 Civic Si is visually superior to the final concept Civic Si design, as displayed in Los Angeles. Yes, Honda did listen to feedback from consumer groups and the automotive press before releasing this segment breaker. Civic Si presented in sedan or coupe, is well balanced of design, pleasing to the eye, and sensory rich as to touch and exhaust note. Honda engineering killed it on Civic Si.

We fly to Mojave for a 2017 Civic Si track first drive

Honda captures the historic past of Honda race inspired performance by keeping Civic Si relatively simple. It’s low-tech as modern Honda’s go, yet Apple Carplay and Google smartphone connectivity come standard for 2017. As does stability assist, adaptive damping, steering and more. The body line is clean, the styling, Si, as only Honda can present it.

The bonus found here for the hardcore Civic Si fan, is a much improved power adjusted driver’s seat, dual zone climate control, a well balanced instrument panel, a wider, fatter, closer to the ground chassis platform, and yes, the quickest 0 to 60 mph factory stock Civic Si in the maker’s history.

So, let’s get on with it: I’m a bit old school and hard nosed when it comes to interior ergonomics and ride quality. Frankly, the Civic Si of the past was a bit suspension stiff for my taste, the seat at times, painful -- not any more! Honda engineering brings Civic Si into the future with arguably the most comfortable (re engineered) cloth covered seats in the segment. Built on the same world platform as the Civic sedan Touring, Coupe and the manufactured in England 5-door hatchback, 2017 Civic Si comes to market with astoundingly good handling characteristics, a “best in class” much quieter cab than past Si generations, and a ride and feel generally associated with a much larger car.2017_Civic_Si_McCants

2017 Civic Si presents that “one with the car” thing

Our day at the Mojave Desert Honda Proving Center began on the track, where 2017 Civic Si held its line as if it were on rails. I did note a bit of over steer, but that may of been my personal learning curve as I dialed in Civic Si’s electric steering feel. For 2017, Civic Si comes equipped with 2 drive-mode choices, regular and sport. For the track and most of our 170 mile street drive, I found “sport” to be the best setting for my style of driving.

Civic Si responded with a firm, yet not harsh, suspension setting, great throttle response, and a decent road to driver steering wheel feedback. Nice! Want a sporty 5-door Civic hatchback?

Pushing the drive-by wire accelerator pedal to the floor, I released the clutch. Surprisingly, there was little to no torque steer noted. While the guy in front of me intentionally broke traction at launch, I opted for an aggressive yet track steady takeoff -- the standard equipment limited slip differential truly keeps Civic Si very torque transfer positive, track sticky, and when taken off onto dirt or gravel road, traction happy.

Coming into turn 1: I dropped the hammer and downshifted Civic Si into 3rd gear

With my right seat pro co-driver shouting out braking and turn instructions, I discovered a Civic Si that was happy coming into high speed turns a little later than I’d anticipated. For this track day, Honda installed H.P.D. high heat brake pads to Civic Si’s up-sized rotors. Braking was spot-on, yet not grabby -- zero brake fade noted -- although braking hard on downshift, I entertained 100 mph + turns without hesitation -- Civic Si performed flawlessly. Note: There’s a Civic White Kit Chassis available from Honda Performance Development for race car development. I’ll spin that into a near future article soon.2017_Honda_Civic_Si_McCants


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