Changes in the 2018 Toyota Camry

Why the 2018 Camry Is So Different From Past Camry Cars

The 2018 Camry is on an entirely new platform and here is what changes.

Some model years of Toyota Camry are just simple refreshes, others are more dramatic. Such is the case for the 2018 Toyota Camry. New for 2018, the Camry is not just restyled, but it will ride on an entirely different platform from other Camry cars of the past. Here is what that matters to buyers.

2018 Toyota Camry Improved Handling, NVH
Only with a new platform can engineers make radical improvements to the structural rigidity of a car while still reducing weight. The New Camry will benefit from a new platform in numerous ways. Noise, vibrations, and harshness, or NHV, are the terms engineers use to describe these and the new Camry will be better than the 2017 in all of these ways.

Safety of 2018 Toyota Camry
Toyota is moving its line towards included active safety on every trim. For 2017, the old Camry had not yet joined its RAV4 and other siblings with standard active safety. For 2018 every trim has standard active safety, which means every Camry should be an IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus. The 2018 Camry is not yet tested, so we will update readers when it is. A new platform means the New Camry will be designed for the future testing not even included by IIHS, such as passenger side small frontal overlap protection. We expect the 2018 Camry to be a safer car now and for the future.

Size Changes, 2018 Camry
The Camry bucks the trend in the auto industry by not growing in size. It doesn't have to. Unlike many competitors like Honda, Mazda, and Subaru, Toyota already has a larger car, the Avalon, for buyers who want a large car. For 2018, the new Camry actually gets just a smidge smaller inside. Most buyers will hardly notice, and since the Camry is already considered a roomy midsize car it should not be a detriment to buyers looking for a true 5-seat car.

2018 Camry What Are People Saying?
For an overview of what reviewers think of the new 2018 Camry, please see our story: 2018 Toyota Camry's New Look Has People Talking

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