2016 Lexus ES 350

How Lexus turns up the spindle grill on new 2016 ES 350

Lexus is finding customers prefer the spindle grill and is making the most of it.

When we began reporting the spindle grill on new Lexus designs it was in relation to the new Lexus IS 350 and IS 250. Comments from readers ran about 100 to 1 saying how much the spindle grill was ugly, and anyone would be crazy to drive such an ugly car. Then sales literally doubled on the IS line. Then Lexus applied the spindle to the GS 350 and sales again leapt. Same engines, same transmissions, new styling and sales went bonkers.

Ahh, but Lexus is a conservative company (like many Japanese companies). On its top-seller, it sort of played it safe and went easy on the spindle enhancement. Sales were still very strong and continued up. So for 2016, the ES 350 and its greener twin the ES 300h will get the full-whammy chromed spindle grill. The letter-writers don’t spend a lot of dough at Lexus dealers it turns out and the people that didn’t write letters were too busy buying cars to write in and say they loved it.

The new 2016 Lexus ES also gets more bling in the form of standard LED headlights. The new Lexus Safety System Plus with forward collision prevention, now at a more affordable price point is also coming to the line. When we have a chance to see the new car live or test it will do a deeper dive on the new refresh. For now, if you see and angry ES and like the look, it is the new 2016.

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