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Why Nissan Has Z Car Problems And What It Can Do

Some 370Z owners say Nissan failed to give consumers an affordable sports car and need to find a way to reduce the cost of parts, research and developments and maintain an affordable margin for the average 370Z buyer.

Yesterday when I published the story discussing how can Nissan sell more Z cars many Nissan 370Z owners made productive and helpful comments. They are mostly related to the high cost of Z cars, but there is more to the story. William Lopez from from Facebook group made this long comment presenting few interesting ideas. Here is Lopez in his own words.

Nissan Needs Affordable Z Cars
The thing is, Nissan failed to give us an affordable sports car that could out beat or outmatch its competitors at the time. When Nissan turned away from the "affordable sports car" back in 1978 when the first 280zx (Fairlady Z) was built in Japan the automaker noticed that all the other cars in the market at that time in the US were aimed to be sold to the people who wanted a with all the fancy stuff and smoother ride.

The Nissan 280ZX once landed in the 1979. It began a new wave of people turning away the ZX because it wasn't very much affordable anymore and not "a true sports car." Now the ZX isn't a bad car nor is it the best either. I own a 2+2ZX so I know my facts.

Today's Sports Car Drivers Differ from Those of 70s-90s

The problem that began the whole mess of over-priced Z cars till this day was the fact that the automotive industry made too many changes too quickly and the people who are into these cars today, aren't the same as they were in the 70s and even 90s.

All the new tech, computer assists, parts research, experiment and developments are in a way making the price of these cars not affordable compared to when 240Z was introduced as a true affordable sports car.

That idea has been taken and modified to where now you have to fight yourself to either buy a new 370Z NISMO, or just step up another $50k and buy a GTR.

Reliability and Cost of Maintenance

Then the next thing the the car buyer thinks about is reliability, costs and maintenance, which aren't cheap. Z Car parts aren't cheap, and repair costs aren't cheap.

The other problem is manufacturing development. Since 2000 and until this day look at the reliability margin of a 2000 Nissan Maxima with the v6 and look at the reliability margin of a 2000 Toyota Camry (Japan vs Japan in this case). Parts, costs and reliability values are higher for Toyota than it is for its mainland fellow Nissan. If Nissan can spend more money to do better research, and development and find more affordable parts, yet still maintaining an affordably priced Z car for the average car buyer, it would be as simple as what they say about GM, "parts are affordable, repair costs are affordable and overall an efficient reliable vehicle.

Please let us know what you think on this subject in the comments section. Let's discuss the subject and find really what is going on with Nissan Z cars.

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