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In Light of Nissan Z's Demise How Can Nissan Sell More Z Cars

Yesterday Motor Authority published a story which was titled "it sounds like the Nissan Z might be dead." In the story it concluded that the Nissan 370Z might be the final Z car, which spurred an active discussion in Nissan 370Z groups in social media raising questions like what Nissan should do to sell more Z cars and make it popular again.

The general attitude in one of the groups on Facebook, called Datsun - Nissan Z Cars, is that NIssan did not learn its lesson. It should keep the car practical and affordable. There is no reason the 2017 370Z 350hp car should cost someone $45,000.

But this opinion, in response to Motor Authority's from Tu Khoa Nguyen, is particularly interesting, this is why I am sharing below.

Opinion: Nissan Should Go Retro

If Nissan wants to sell more Z cars in the future, it should do what the American cars have done, go look into the past and go Retro.

Imagine a new Nissan Z that looks like 240z, affordable, light and has good power to weight ratio and good handling. Maybe two engine options a 2.0 Turbo charged producing 275 hp. A 3.0 litter Turbo charged, making about 432hp. And the Tuned NISMO AT 502hp with full diffusers and GT wing, wide ZG flares.

The company should also sell Nissan Accessories like window Louvers, Ansa vertical style mufflers upgrade, etc. Price them right and boom. Nissan can sell the Z line without messing with Godzilla.

But the sad truth is that the new millennials here in the US and even Japan, do not like cars anymore. They cant afford them or they like to take Uber. The car scene is dying down and I believe that's why Japan is hesitant about trying to satisfy us, the enthusiasts.

Come on Nissan, even Honda brought a cheaper entry level Civic Type R here. The least Nissan can do is bring the 432 Fairlady back, Tu Khoa Nguyen concludes.

What do you think about the Retro, the price and the dying car scene? Please share your opinion in the comments for discussion. May be Nissan needs to look at Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger: all good lessons in design and marketing.

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