LG Chem- - the Unsung Hero For Chevrolet’s Bolt EV and a Great Example of Collaboration

The Chevrolet Bolt’s 238 mile range rating by the EPA this week is certainly exciting news. It represents the first automaker (besides Tesla) to produce a vehicle that can go beyond 200 miles. It also represents the first “affordable” EV (starting at $37,500) with over 200 miles of EV range.

However, I believe that GM was able to accomplish this EV mileage milestone first, due to their strong and continued collaboration with LG Chem. I’m sure that with the Bolt’s announcement, other automakers will have to reassess their relationships wit their battery suppliers (BMW with Samsung, Mercedes-Benz and Fiat with Bosch, Nissan with NEC). Tesla already has a very close relationship with Panasonic, but I’m sure even Tesla may want to study GM’s relationship with LG Chem to maximize synergy between their own suppliers.

These are exciting times. Who would have thought General Motors, a company who had been known for building traditionally large trucks and SUVs, could also create a game-changing,, affordable EV with over 200 miles first? And yet, they didn’t do it alone—they did it with collaboration with a key supplier. I’m sure the extensive synergies between GM and LG Chem will continue to pay off for both companies once the Bolt goes on sale this fall.


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