Chevy Volt vs Chevy Bolt

Chevy Volt vs Chevy Bolt: Brief Conversation Between 2 Owners

Today I heard about this brief conversation that took between a Chevy Volt owner and a Chevy Bolt owner. They wanted to compare their cars and it goes like this.

A Volt owner writes that this morning he parked his Chevy Volt at the local Lowes and when he returned from shopping, he noticed a brand new Chevy Bolt parked alongside.

"The gentleman who owned it was walking out as I was unloading items into my car so I asked him how he liked it," says the Volt owner. "He said he daily drives from the north end of the San Fernando Valley (about 35 miles to LA) to Century City (downtown LA) and back and doesn't even have to charge it every day. His most recent charge showed 240 miles available on the dash display."

The Volt owner goes on and asks him if he can drive to Las Vegas or San jose on a full charge and the Bolt owner "began to scratch his head."

"I told him that was the very reason I purchased the Volt with gasoline assist. At 95 mpgE, I rarely do. But it's there if I should need it for a trip to to city that is 280 miles away."

Do you think the advantage of Chevy Volt is the gasoline assist and better mileage? What are some of the advantages that the Bolt has over the Volt?

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